My love for cameras began when I was about 16.  It started with taking the family video camera out on the

local ski hill and filming my friends hitting the jumps and having fun.  This grew into a desire to learn more about the craft professionally.  This led me to pursue a Digital Cinema degree at Northern Michigan University.  The school is located on the shore of the beautiful Lake Superior.  This is where my passion morphed to include landscape photography.  While I still work as a professional video editor for a local production house in Marquette, my true love is now firmly in landscape, outdoor and adventure photography.  

My photography has now taken me all across our great nation.  And as I continue to grow as a photographer I can     only hope that it begins to take me all across the globe.  I call Marquette, Michigan home and love the endless photography opportunities it affords me.  From photographing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) to 30 foot waves on Superior and the explosion of color that bursts all across the forests of the region in fall.  My favorite place to travel to for landscape photography has to be the mountains of the North Cascades in Washington State.  The dramatic scale with which the mountains rise from the sea never ceases to amaze me.  From the towering ridges of pine to the snow and glacier capped mountain tops, everywhere I point my camera there seems to be a new and beautiful shot ready to be photographed.    

After graduating from college, I moved back to my hometown in southern Michigan.  There I got an internship with

Rusted Rooster Media where I worked as a Production Assistant.  I did everything from taking and editing photos for sponsors to creating 2D graphics for one of the companies nationally airing TV shows, Dropped: Project Alaska.  The graphics that I helped create won the 2016 Golden Moose Award for Best Graphics on the Outdoor Channel.  This internship eventually turned into a contracted job with Rusted Rooster where I continued to build graphics for Dropped season 6.  I now have moved back to Marquette where I work at a local media production house.  We specialize in local and online/social media promotions.  As well as these commercial works, I also have several personal projects coming out later this year.  

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